Debbie Wade

Managing Director – Advanced Rework Technology (A.R.T)

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Debbie Wade has been in the electronics industry for over 25 years with the last 20 years at Advanced Rework Technology Ltd.

Debbie is a highly experienced IPC Master Trainer with expertise in fabrication, assembly, and acceptance of board and cable assemblies. She is a certified IPC Space Addendum trainer and supports all industries with training and consultancy needs. Debbie’s knowledge of the electronics industry ensures her courses are a step above the rest. She is currently an IPC Emerging Engineer Mentor.

Mark Patrick

Director of Technical Content for EMEA – Mouser Electronics

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As Mouser Electronics’ Director of Technical Content for EMEA, Mark is responsible for creating and circulating technical content within the region – content that is key to Mouser’s strategy to support, inform, and inspire its engineering audience.

Before leading Technical Content, Mark was part of Mouser’s EMEA Supplier Marketing team and played a vital role in establishing and developing relationships with key manufacturing partners. Mark’s previous experience encompasses hands-on engineering roles, technical support, semiconductor technical sales, and various marketing positions.

A ‘hands-on’ engineer at heart, Mark holds a first-class Honors Degree in Electronics Engineering from Coventry University. He is passionate about vintage synthesisers and British motorcycles and thinks nothing of servicing or repairing either.

Frank Heidemann

Vice President & Technology Leader – SET, NI

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Frank Heidemann is the Vice President and Technology Leader of SET, NI, based in Germany. The communications technology engineer serves as a visionary in the power semiconductor and aerospace industries, driving innovation in test technologies. He is enthusiastic about digital transformation and the future of mobility, and natively doubts technical limits.

Wendy Jane Preston

Senior Technical Sales Engineer – Harwin

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Wendy has worked for Harwin since 1995. Her current role in Technical includes creating product launch and technical documentation, compiling, and maintaining product data published on the website, and responding to questions from customers on all products across the Harwin range.

During her time with Harwin, Wendy’s first role as a Design Engineer saw her responsible for developing custom and standard products including Datamate J-Tek and Mix-Tek connectors. She has worked in Marketing as the Senior Technical Author, writing informative articles for publication on and beyond. Other roles at the company have included Product Management, Quality Auditing and Legislation Officer.

Robert Owen


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Robert Owen created and directed three of the world’s leading industry to university programmes: for Texas Instruments, Imagination Technologies, and RS Components.

Across a generation he supervised the creation of packages of education materials which provide hands-on learning using industrially-proven technologies. These materials are enabling teachers of the next generation of engineers and programmers, to understand how to solve real-world problems with these technologies. To add strategic depth, in influential universities, he facilitated the development of productive links for joint research and recruitment.

Now in his 30th year in the field of industry-to-academia collaboration, working as a Consultant, Robert has unique insight into this market, and a formidable global network of relationships.

Dunstan Power

Managing Director – ByteSnap Design

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Dunstan is a chartered electronics engineer providing design, production, and support in electronics to all of ByteSnap Design’s clients.

Having graduated with a degree in engineering from Cambridge University, Dunstan has been working in the electronics industry since 1992. He teamed up with his former colleague Graeme Wintle in 2008 to establish ByteSnap Design – an embedded design consultancy with clients worldwide from Andover to Australia.