Our judges comprise of an independent panel of senior representatives from end-user organisations, consultants, and key industry players who are carefully selected by the editors of Electronic Specifier.

The Judges gather together for an exclusive judging day to discuss the products entered, score the entry, and ultimately decide on our winners – who will claim the ultimate marketing package.

Judges sign Non-Disclosure Agreements and must declare any association or involvement with any of the entries.



    The transparency and security of the judging process is hugely important to us.

    For that reason, every judge signs a Non-Disclosure Agreement and all judges meetings are held in private, confidential environments. All scores are collated and verified to avoid anomalies and are then averaged to determine the winners.

    The Electronic Specifier team plus an independent panel of moderators supervise the judging process to identify and avoid any risk of bias and judges are asked to recuse themselves where they have a personal or professional interest.

    If you think you would make a good judge, please contact [email protected]